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The Artsakh Reading Project

The project acquired state-of-the-art university textbooks, scientific and professional literature and delivered them to higher educational institutions and state entities in Artsakh, so that the institutions would enrich their libraries. Thus, students, young civil servants and the youth in Artsakh would have access to up-to-date sources. The idea of the project comes from the CI discussions with professors and active participants of other CI projects in Artsakh.   The CI team was in touch with the coordinators to receive applications for books. Many individuals in Armenia expressed their willingness to transfer fiction books for schoolchildren in Artsakh. As a result, the CI got 145 classic fiction books in Armenian and Russian, which were transferred to two schools with the help of the participants of other CI  projects.   

In the framework of the project the CI delivered:

  • 11 books (books about Armenian culture, language, political science, and dictionaries) to Artsakh State University
  • 32 books (different kinds of English dictionaries and books on the usage of English in specific fields; books in the field of law, history, management, economics, etc., as well as criminal and labour codes of Armenia,) to Grigor Narekatsi University
  • 7 books to Mesrop Mashtots University (about culture and history of the Northern Caucasus and about Armenian history and language)
  • 21 books to Sayat-Nova Music College (about Armenian culture, language, history, Russian and English textbooks, musical notes, librettos, etc.)
  • 11 books to National Assembly of Artsakh (books by well-known international authors in the spheres of PR, communication, politics and economics).

Reading up-to-date books, using them in professional career and in classes would contribute to broadening the horizons of current and future young professionals from Artsakh, to their professional self-improvement. Accordingly, the project was expected to provide resources and incentives for education and professional growth to youth in Artsakh by providing them access to up-to-date professional literature.

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