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Internship in Armenian Universities for Academic Staff from Karabakh Universities

About project

In September-December 2019 the CI implemented the project Internships for Academic Staff from Karabakh universities. The idea of the project was born during implementation of the Internships for youth from Karabakh in Yerevan.

In the framework of this project the CI signed MoUs with Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University, Yerevan State University, American University of Armenia and Armenian National Agrarian University. The project envisaged 10 two-week internships that would help faculty from Karabakh universities increase their knowledge, networks and experience, and improve their teaching through cooperation with their Armenian counterparts. The applicants were suggested a list of faculties and programs they could apply to.

During their internship faculty members familiarized with the curriculum and teaching methodology at the respective departments of Armenian universities, attended classes delivered by their supervisors, and also delivered some classes. Then, the interns were expected to apply the knowledge, skills, which they have gained in Yerevan, at their universities in Artsakh to improve education quality.

Project results

11 university faculty members from Artsakh did two-week internships at Russian-Armenian University (RAU), Yerevan State University (YSU), American University of Armenia (AUA) and Armenian State Agrarian University (ASAU), enriched and updated their knowledge in the field, strengthened and expanded professional networks, gained valuable experience, and familiarized with alternative approaches to teaching.
The program built capacity of university faculty from Artsakh to deliver courses based on up-to-date methodology, curriculum and approaches, and to work on their own professional self-development via communication with their counterparts in Armenia and other opportunities of improving their qualifications.

Upon the completion of the internship, the interns got the respective certificates and feedback from their supervisors. Thanks to proactive university coordinators and supervisors, the interns quite often managed to attend professional trainings\events (beyond their internship programmes), and classes on innovative teaching methods.

Interns’ Feedback​

Although education process was similar [to that at Narekatsi University] in terms of its content, the difference in formats helped gain experience in elaboration of new ideas and application of new teaching methods.

Sona Hambardzumyan,

Professor of Law at Grigor Narekatsi University

I attended classes at different departments – starting from the Department of Pandemic and Parasite Diseases ending with the Department of Therapy and Surgery. The good thing was that the internship combined theoretical classes and practice. I participated in treatment and surgery of animals in laboratories and clinics.

Flora Iskandaryan,

Professor of Veterinary at Shushi University of Technology

It [i.e. the internship] has given me an opportunity to get to know the Western experience in teaching a foreign language, including interactive group work, communication and innovative methods of teaching, and building relationship with the audience.

Lusine Vanyan,

English professor at ArSU

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