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Politics in Times of Crisis: South Caucasus as a Study Case

CI Free Online Course


The CI launches a 6-week online course on politics in times of crisis using the South Caucasus as a study case. The course focuses on ways in which crises, exemplified by the ongoing pandemic, influence countries’ political, economic and societal institutions and development trends.



"Almost two years have passed since the Velvet Revolution in Armenia. Armenia has been concentrating power in the hands of a new ruling class, which retains popularity and political legitimation, but is it now willing to implement systemic change? At the two-year anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, the focus should be on institutional reform to diminish the system’s winner-takes-all tendency", - Caucasus Institute director Alexander Iskandaryan's new policy memo on "Post-Revolution Armenia: New Generation, Old Problems" has been published by PONARS Eurasia.


A platform for online talks

“Besedka”: interesting interlocutors and unusual topics  

“Besedka” is a platform for online talks created by the Caucasus Institute. Why “besedka”? Because in our (post-Soviet) countries there is a besedka/ gazebo in each yard, where people discuss politics, social life, and life in general. The talks are broadcast online on the CI Facebook Page. We talk in different languages, as our interlocutors are from different countries. For those who cannot join the live stream, the “Besedka” podcast is available.

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