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BESEDKA, a platform for online talks


“Besedka”: interesting interlocutors and unusual topics


“Besedka” is a platform for online talks created by the Caucasus Institute. Why “besedka”? Because in our (post-Soviet) countries there is a besedka/ gazebo in each yard, where people discuss politics, social life, and life in general. The talks are broadcast online on the CI Facebook Page. We talk in different languages, as our interlocutors are from different countries. For those who cannot join the live stream, the “Besedka” podcast is available.


A talk about “besedkas” (gazebos): how the USSR was demolished in the cafes (in Russian)


The famous Moscow kitchens and no less famous Yerevan cafes: what did the discussion platforms of the Soviet period look like? What did the conventional “besedka” (gazebo) that broke the backbone of the Soviet Union look like? These and many other questions were raised by Gor Petrosyan, CI research fellow, during his conversation with Alexander Iskandaryan, CI Director, on June 18, 2020.

Yerevan: do only architects create a city? (in Armenian)


On 02.07.2020 the Caucasus Institute’s “Besedka” hosted Mark Grigoryan, the Director of Alexander Tamanyan National Museum-Institute of Architecture, journalist and author of the “Unknown Yerevan” series. He filled our virtual gazebo with the authentic Yerevan atmosphere, history and nostalgia. We talked about how the attitudes towards Yerevan changed in the course of time and how the city developed.

A journalist on a mission in Arab countries (in English)


What does it feel like to go to school in Beirut during the war? Why Arabic doesn't have a word for genocide? These and many other topics including the Arab Spring and the Ottoman legacy were touched upon by Nina Iskandaryan from CI during her talk with Vicken Cheteryan, journalist and political analyst.

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