Alexander Iskandaryan Alexander Iskandaryan is the Director and one of the founders of the CI.
A world-renown political scientist, Alexander moved to Armenia in 2002 from Moscow. His areas of scientific interest include ethnopolitical conflicts, post-Communist transformations and nation-building in the former USSR in general and in the Caucasus in particular. He has published and spoken on the emergence of post-Soviet institutions, elites and identities, conducted and supervised research on conflicts, migrations, discourses, media development and cross-border integration. He has authored the chapter on Armenia in Freedom House Nations in Transit for five consecutive years. He is also a popular political commentator for the media.
 Nina Iskandaryan  Nina Iskandaryan is the Head of Curriculum at the CI.
Nina has worked at the CI since its establishment in 2002. Apart from educational and training programs, she is also in charge of CI publications and supervises research and gender studies. She got her MA degree in Structural and Applied Linguistics from Lomonosov Moscow State University in 1989 and graduated from the Yerevan School of Political Studies in 2012.
 Hrant Mikaelian  Hrant Mikaelyan works at the CI as a Researcher.
Hrant was hired by the CI after graduating from its course of Political Science with an MA degree in 2010. He has conducted and supervised research on ideological trends, economics, religion and society using varied research techniques including focus-groups, interviewing and discourse analysis. His research is published by CI, other think-tanks and scholarly journals.
Since 2012, Hrant has been studying at the Yerevan State University for an MA in Human Rights and Democratization. He got his BA in Computer Network and Systems at the National Technical University of Georgia.

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